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I've had some experience with openAI's GPT-3 before, and I thought it would be so cool if I could ask it for life advice. I wrote a fairly detailed text prompt for it, and the results were astounding. Give it a try if you haven't already. It started with just therapist life advice, but I recently wrote new prompts and added a drop down menu to change the "profession" of Oliver. This will not be my last GPT-3 project, especially now that I have boilerplate code for it.


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  1. GPT-3 is incredibly powerful, and does a great job at providing life advice of all sorts. I was blown away with the results after a few days of tweaking prompts.
  2. CSS animations are so fun! It was really enjoyable getting the mouth to "talk" and to get the eyes to blink.
  3. CSS is a medium for art just as much as painting or Photoshop is.
  4. Text to speech API's are easy to work with, and free!
  5. Learned how to stream text to make it look like he was writing it as it was coming in.