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Web developer, musician, and photographer in Seattle, Washington.

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I'm a developer with a passion for building useful digital experiences. My journey in software development started during the covid lock down of 2020. I began taking online courses for web development, starting with basic HTML and CSS. In May of 2021 I left my job as a public health microbiologist to learn full time. Since then, I've worked on a variety of projects, from small vanilla javascript projects to full stack web applications. I'm currently working as a lead front end developer at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), building applications for the university's research department.

Favorite Technologies

Framer Motion


In my free time I make music, take my camera out for nature photography, I'm an avid reader, and I experiment with AI's. Hobbies are important to me, and each one has a purpose. I express my creativity through my music, I get outside with my photography, I read to learn more about the the world around me, and I play with AI because it is fascinating. A well-rounded balance of hobbies and interesting work makes for a entertaining, fulfilled life!

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Writing is thinking, my best thinking always comes from my writing. I've been sharing my recent writings on my blog, where I write about technology and personal development every few weeks. I try to pack as much helpful info as I can into each post, and avoid fluff whenever I can.

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