Warm, mellow Lo-Fi beats

I was listening to Lo-Fi Hip Hop before it was cool (*puts on hipster glasses*). For real though, for as long as I can remember this genre has been the soundtrack to my life. The magic of Lo-Fi is that it conveys the mood of the moment, the same song can make you feel happy, reminiscent or melancholic, depending on how you feel that day. When I'm not listening to Lo-Fi, I enjoy rap, classic rock, smooth jazz, and classical music. But Lo-Fi will always have my heart.

My love for Lo-Fi grew stronger in 2019, when I began to learn how to play the piano and make beats on my computer using Logic Pro. Feeling an emotion from a song is one thing, but expressing an emotion through your own song is another. Playing along with the rhythm of your soul is something I wish everyone could experience.

My music is far from platinum, but I'm proud of it. And it conveys the feelings I felt in those moments behind the keyboard. I hope you enjoy it!

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