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Photography is my creative outlet that gets me outside and helps me notice the small things. I am by no means a professional, far from it. But I do have a decent Nikon camera, an eye for nature photography, and the patience to find the right shot!

I don't ever expect to be famous for my photography, or even make a single dollar, it's just so fun! My mind is so much clearer when I spend time in nature every week. I share all my best work to unsplash for anyone to use in their creative projects.

We cannot predict the value our work will provide to the world. That's fine. It is not our job to judge our own work. It is our job to create it, to pour ourselves into it, and to master our craft as best we can.    -James Clear
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Fern in the forest
So calm. So still
Magical frog pond
The moss ate the trees
Delicate snow
Chilly branches
Mukilteo lighthouse
Ferry in Mukilteo
Branch with a moss sweater
Glowing orb of moss
Reach for the sky!
Fern in the sunlight
Puget Sound in all it's glory
Silhouette at dawn
Finley at sunrise
Lil' Maggie's first day at the beach :)
Alaskan Brewery in Juneau
Alyeska ski resort in the summer time
Life finds a way
Greyscale mountains
Soft moss in Skagway
Mushroom with the best view of Skagway
The moss completely ate this tree
Island in Alaska
A couple bison just chillin' in a field.
Pine with a great view
Reflections of a puddle in Exit Glacier NP
Rocky macro textures in Alaska
Such a tasty-looking mushroom. I won't eat it though lol
Foggy trees in Alaska
Lil' baby tree in Alaska
Icy strait point Alaska
Martha lake lily pads
Sunset over Martha Lake
Water glistening at sunset
Ferry on the Puget Sound
Hornet on a flower
Wide angle flower against the sky
Flower against the sky
Monstera in the evening sun. Fresh new leaf.
Monstera in the sunshine
Monstera leaf glowing in the sun
Moss on a rock in Shoreline
Ivy in Everett
A spry sprout in Shoreline
Moss in Shoreline
Freighter leaving Port of Everett
Moss in Mukilteo
Some days I wish I was that plant with the view
Jim the iguana enjoying the vibe of a sunny afternoon
Mickey the Crested gecko. Sticky Mickey we call her.
Photo from Ty Fiero
Jim the Iguana
Jim the Iguana smiling
Photo from Ty Fiero
Photo from Ty Fiero
Photo from Ty Fiero
Photo from Ty Fiero
Photo from Ty Fiero
Photo from Ty Fiero
Photo from Ty Fiero
Photo from Ty Fiero
Photo from Ty Fiero

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