Auditorial Creativity

After years of curiosity, I finally started making music in Logic Pro back in 2019. I make primarily LoFi hip hop beats, the type of music you'd want to hear on a moody rainy day. Music is an incredible medium for expressing emotions, I can still remember the way I was feeling when I listen to any of my old tracks. Something about a blank musical canvas and a keyboard makes my soul really happy.

It's certainly not perfect, but I'm proud of how it turned out. Creativity isn't about perfection, it's about expressing who you are through a medium you enjoy. Give it a listen, and let me knowwhat you think!

Lofi Style image of Ty

Generative Art

Beauty through code

Leveraging code to create art opens a world of creative possibilities. Code allows for motion and interactivity, breathing life and depth into the two-dimensional pixelated canvas. I have so much fun tweaking algorithms to create a set of pixels that looks pleasing to my eye.

I learned how to code through art, and in a way, learned art through code. Check out my generative art pieces, not all of them made it to the website, but my favorites are there to be played with, or remixed and made your own!

AI Images

Infinite creativity with prompt engineering

AI fascinates me, particularly AI generated artwork using DALLE-2, Stable Diffusion, and MidJourney. No longer am I restrained by my drawing skills, the only limit to what can be created is my own imagination. What a time to be alive!

I save all of my best AI artwork to share with others, check out the entire collection!

AI image from Ty FieroAI image from Ty FieroAI image from Ty FieroAI image from Ty FieroAI image from Ty FieroAI image from Ty FieroAI image from Ty FieroAI image from Ty FieroAI image from Ty Fiero


Capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest

Photography might be my most "productive" hobby, it gets me outdoors, keeps me active, and has massively improved my creativity in general. Thanks to photography, I see the world through a whole new lens (pun intended). I find myself noticing things in my daily life that I would have overlooked otherwise. Now, a bee on a flower will make pause for a second; to appreciate the beauty in the tiny things, but also to say, "Damn, I wish I brought my camera".

Image of Ty taking a photo