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Please don't take the advice seriously, this is NOT a substitute for a real therapist, doctor, or other professional, and is intended for entertainment purposes only!!

The AI powered by GPT-3 from openAI. The API provided by openAI  makes it simple to create impressive AI implementations that are incredibly powerful.

Your question is bundled into custom prompts that I have written and tweaked over time to make it more relevant to your question, based on what profession you selected. These prompts I have made are rather long which makes them more expensive to generate, but I found that the more context I could provide to Oliver, the better the responses are. In total it took me about six hours to tweak the prompts to get the responses that I wanted, and another 12ish hours to code up this project.

As for the design of the character, I am a lousy character illustrator so I adapted a design from Alvaro Montoro (with permission from him) and I adjusted it to my liking, then I added images from midJourney AI as backgrounds. I also added css animations to the mouth, eyes and head to make Oliver come to life. I know, the talking animation isn't great, it makes me giggle too. But I wanted to make it more fun and interactive. To give him a voice, I fed the response into the free VoiceRSS API. Why did I gave him a british accent? Honestly, he sounded smarter as a british guy lol.

I hope you enjoy the AI, and if you have any questions, please reach out. Also, I am providing this free of charge and pay for each request sent, so please be courteous as to the amount of requests you send. If you want to send more, consider buying me a coffee :)


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