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Deliberate Design

*Work in Progress*

This started off as just a simple project that I could learn Recoil.js with, and it ended up being way more than that. I wanted to create a unique, walk-through wizard style prompt designer for image AI's, specifically for MidJourney. When I started using MidJourney, I noticed that I was having image prompt writers block. The AI could make anything you wanted, and that lead me to analysis paralysis, so I would just write whatever came to my mind. After a few off the top prompts like, "A monkey on a spaceship painted by Picasso", I realized that I wanted to be more deliberate with my prompt design. Instead of just throwing whatever into the prompt, I wanted to plan out my prompts much like a professional artist would would plan an art piece. Thus, the idea for was born.


Tech Stack

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  1. Recoil.js is incredible. Amazing. World-class. Redux is good, it gets the job done, but Recoil makes global state so much easier.
  2. Next.js is my true love. I have enough experience with it now to take full advantage of its features and bend it to my will.
  3. This was my first project where I began with a defined color system first. It made styling decisions a lot easier.
  4. I wrote what felt like a million's, what a powerful tool to build numerous UI components from a single array in React.