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This was a fun project to build. I wanted to create a habit tracker that I would actually remember to use, so I decided to make a new tab chrome extension so that I would see my habits on every single new tab. Turns out React plays well with chrome extensions, and there is so much you can do with the Chrome Extension API. Framer Motion is so fun to use, and brings life into an otherwise static site! This project took me about a week to build. I launched it on ProductHunt, and learned a lot from the process of launching a product!


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Framer Motion

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Chrome Extension API


  1. Framer motion is a joy to work with.
  2. Chrome extensions are simpler than I imagined.
  3. The possibilities for extensions are endless due to the feature-rich Chrome API , and I will definitely make more extensions in the future.
  4. Building cool things you want for yourself makes coding way more fun.